Laboratory Techniques:

Using a Bunsen Burner



The Bunsen burner is used in laboratories to heat things.   In order to use it safely and appropriately, it is important to know the correct steps on how to set it up and operate it.  A Bunsen burner can produce 3 different types of flames:

The "coolest" flame is a yellow / orange color.  It is approximately 300C.  It is never used to heat anything, only to show that the Bunsen burner is on.  It is called the safety flame.

The medium flame, also called the blue flame or the invisible flame is difficult to see in a well-lit room.  It is the most commonly used flame. It is approximately 500C.

The hottest flame is called the roaring blue flame.  It is characterized by a light blue triangle in the middle and it is the only flame of the 3 which makes a noise.  It is approximately 700C.

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